Do you know that the probiotics bacterias weight in a human body is more than 1 kg? You are living with those bacterias inside of your body, mostly bowel, right now.

The numbers of probiotic bacterias that live from the birth are 10 times higher than the number of the cells inside the human body. The diversity is so enormous, like 500 different types of bacteria and 100 trillion bacterias! Unbelievable. Human meets with the probiotic bacterias at birth. He/She gathers from the mother birth canal. Then the bacterias start to live. Therefore, there is the difference between cesarean and normal birth. People who are cesarean birth have latency on having probiotics and difficulties on excretion system. Also, breast milk will increase the probiotics in the bowel.

What is probiotic and prebiotic?

Breast milk is prebiotic nutrition and it supplies the best environment for developing and increasing probiotics. Breastfeeding makes your child fulfill and also it strengthens immunity system of the body and that makes healthy. To be able to defend anything, the first thing to do is know what it is.

In order to have beneficial microbes in the intestine, it is necessary to meet with those microbes, aka ‘being polluted’. Most of the beneficial bacterias placed in child’s bowel in 3 months. Breastfeeding very important for consisting of those bacterias. But there is another important factor in the quality of breast milk, ‘ organic nutrition’. Quality of breast milk is shaped by not using synthetic sugar in any meals and getting protein-based nutrition. Antıbiotics that is used for the life affect the number and diversity of beneficial bacterias negatively and disturb the balance in the bowel. That comes with immunity, digestion, excretion system problems or illnesses. BEfore using antibiotics, please admit that it should be used under control of a doctor. Losing probiotics in the body will cause lots of problem in a human body. When using antibiotics, good nutrition should be taken. Eutrophy is taking enough protein, high vitamin, mineral and fiber content meals. It enriches the probiotics.

Those bacteria enable of consisting the digestion flora, supporting immunity and synthesis of B and K vitamins. It removes the problems of wind, tumescence, and bowel obstruction issues. Any comfortable issue about digestion system could be easily solved with probiotics.


What causes decrease in probiotics?

1.Irregular Eating Habit

Not taking the daily bases nutrition will cause disruption in the balance of probiotics in the bowel. For that reason, taking all the meals, taking qualified, high energetic nourishment is very important fort he equilibrium of the human body.

2. Processed Foot Nutrition

The foods that were under heat treatment will lose it substantial role in nutrition. Their chemical preposition was changed already. The World is not only consisted up of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. There are many things like probiotics.

3. Hygenic Issues

Antibacterial products are not healthy as you thought. Indeed, the environment has some bacterias, fungus and we need them also. The necessary microbiomes are hidden in the fruits and vegetables we consume. They are harmless and we need them. They are protectors of harmful bacterias or microbes. But disinfection of fields and being hygienic emotion kills that beneficial microbiomes. This is the reason for the increase in allergy cases, especially in the child. Nobody wants to harm their children but this protection emotion harm so much then it thought. Antibacterial cleansers, bleaches, and the other chemical compounds damage the harmful bacterias and do not provide a security over a body, although they are advertised as they are doing it.

4. Antibiotics Use

It has passed for 100 years from starting using antibiotic, overdose of antibiotics imbalanced the probiotics equilibrium in bowels. One course of treatment of antibiotic will kill nearly 90% of prebiotics in bowels. If it is not necessary, please be careful about using of antibiotics. If it is necessary, after the treatment, consume probiotic foods.


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