Probiotic supplements have used for ages. Ancient Romans have used fermented milk in treatment of intestinal infections. Turks and Greek cultures have yogurt,kefir in their eating habits and for their treatment for ailments about digestion. In the west part of the world, the development and use of the probiotuc supplements are late when comparing to east part.
In 1907, russian scientist Élie Metchnikoff, proved that the main reason for why Caucasian people live longer than the average people because of the probiotics. In his study, the bacterias in the bowel, cause autointoxication that divide the some protein wastes and make them into some toxic substances like aminades and NH3. In people who eat yogurt regularly, do not have autointoxication because of the pressure on the putrefaction. Study of Élie Metchnikoff does not gather attention by the east side of the scientific world. For this reason, consumption of probiotics are not increased.

Drugs used in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, etc make a lot trouble for digestion system and guts. The reason for this situation, chemicals in the drugs are killers for beneficial bacterias in the guts. Studies on probiotics based on the ailments in the guts and that makes probiotics in hot agenda. To fight with the ailments, one of the concerned organizations, World Health Organization (WHO) suggested lowering the use of antibiotics and antimicrobials. In addition to suggestion, they recommend people to use nonpathogen microorganisms in the treatment of the such illnesses and uncomfortableness. In many studies, these microorganism are proved to be useful and healthy. They are also used in the treatment of the colonial cancer. The results are not exact but it can be said that the probiotics are best and healthiest solution that you can take it directly for inflammatory intestinal diseases, autoimmune disease, allergic ailments, bowel cancer, etc.

Probiotics are not fully explored, and studies has going on all over the world. Probioticsfor will serve the breaking news and studies immediately.

Don’t forget to take your daily probiotic included food.

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