There are millions of bacteria reside in our digestive tract, namely microbiome. Keeping the balance between good and bad bacteria in this microbiome is important for our overall health. Probiotic bacteria are alive microorganisms that help us to maintain this balance and provide many health benefits.

Our mouth is the start point of our digestive tract. We commonly use toothpaste and tooth brush to keep our teeth clean, bright and our breath smell good. Consuming sugary and processed foods, poor dental hygiene can lead to imbalanced oral microbiome which causes cavities, decays and other serious health issues. It has been recently suggested that the fluoride in common toothpastes can be irritating and harmful to dental and gum health.

Probiotic toothpastes can be alternative solutions. Health-promoting strains of probiotic bacteria can provide overwhelmingly positive effect by competing bad bacteria and with the help of other natural ingredients they can support oral microbiome. It is also important to avoid antibiotics, sugary and processed foods and maintain a regular dental hygiene practice.

Here are probiotic toothpastesand probiotics for oral health that are commercially available:

  • PerioPaste™ Organic Toothpaste
  • PerioBiotic™ Toothpaste with Functional Lactobacillus
  • TheraNeem® Neem Tooth& Gum Powder
  • TheraNeem® Neem Toothpaste Mint
  • Hyperbiotics® Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste
  • ELAA Probiotic Toothpaste (Gluten Free, vegan)

Therefore it is very important to use probiotics for oral health.


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