When you are tracking a healthy life, splitting hairs is needed. We are try to give information about probiotics, as much as we can. After the medical technology is developed, many exploration along human body is discovered. With changing eating products, guts and immunity problems come up. In the light of easy digestion and strong immunity system,result comes to guts and immunity system, main question is asked : Probiotics or Prebiotics? Which one to consume? Let’s get in to detail.

What does probiotics do?

Probiotics are biological living being in our gut to help in many areas of system. Nearly hundred trillions of probiotic bacteria lives in the guts and more than one and half kilograms. Most of the probiotics live in large intestine, others live in small intestine. Any harmful food or toxins we take are cleaned by these probiotics. Allergen things get destroyed and cancerogenic things are interventioned by probiotic bacterias.

Probiotics are good support for immunity system, controlling the blood sugar, colesterol, eases the digestion. They are loyal golden protectors of our body. For an healthy life, we should protect them and make an environment that they can easily reproduce themselves.

What does prebiotics do?

Prebiotic food are friends to probiotics. They are also effective in bowel functions, strengthen of digestion and immunity and gathering the best effects from foods. Prebiotics and probiotics are like saucepan and its lit. Prebiotics make best environment for reproducing probiotics.

Prebiotic Foods;
Vegetables : Leek, Gumbo, Jerusalem artichoke, Globe artichoke , Tomato, Onion, Brussels chicory salad , Celeriac, Asparagus, Mustard, Garlic
Fruits : Banana, strawberry, grapefruit, apple, olive
Legume : Bean, Lentil, Chick pea, Pease
Whole Grain : Brown Rice, Wheat, Barley, Oat, Buckwheat
Oil Seeds : Almond, nuts, walnut, flax seed

Probiotic Foods;

– Fermented meat products
– Probiotic Yogurt
– Cheese
– Kefir
– Ayran
– Boza
– Sundried food made of curd, tomato and flour
– Brewers yeast
– Turnip
– Pickles


Symbiotics are complation of probiotics and prebiotics. Symbotics mostly consist up of lactobasillius acidophilous bacteria. Yogurt is a very good example of symbiotic foods.We recommend that eat 2 bowls of yogurt on a regular basis.


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